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Livi juniors are back in town!

14 Apr 2022

After a brilliant 2021 season where we made mucho new friends on our cup runs and caught up with (and caught out) a few old friends in the Lothian leagues, it's back to business for the LiviCC junior section for 2022.

This weekend sees the junior team from the scheme back in the outdoor nets up at lovely Dresselrigg.

Under 13s will have a quick one hour session to get their hands warm at 12 noon 
Under 16s will then take over at 1300 for an hour and a half or so to blow the cob webs away and get a little fresh air ahead of their all important exams.

Additionally, in what is becoming a very pleasant tradition, we welcome MDAFS to Livi for the first outdoors game of the season on the Sunday 24th of April