Livingston Cricket Club

Livingston Cricket Club - Match Day Duties

Match Day Duties for Home Games

All Players/Members responsibilities:
Each and every player/member is responsible to keep the teams dug out, changing area, Tea/Lunch area, dressing room and the club premise clean and tidy throughout the day.

Home 1 (Murieston)

Captain's responsibilities: (Vice Captain to help)

  • Make sure the Players Entrance door is open. Arrive on time with keys to open Club house, shed, Containers and changing rooms
  • Deciding on the size of boundary to be set
  • Remove Covers (if they are on). Ask other players for help
  • Setting up the match stumps with bails
  • If rain has fallen prior to the match or occurs during it make sure there is a supply of sawdust available and cloths for drying the match ball.
  • A new match ball is available for use plus a good used one as a spare in the event of a lost ball situation.
  • Ensuring a Tablet/iPad is available to record the match details for Home Matches to post the match result on the ESCA Website.
  • Ensure that a Scorebook is available if digital system fails
  • Meet the opposition’s captain and welcome him/her.
  • Ensure that there are two copies of the Team list with registration numbers, one for the opposition Captain and one for the scorers
  • Introduce any new player in your team to the rest of your players
  • Ensure all preparation work is completed in time to allow for “warm-up exercises” to be carried out.
  • Appoint umpires and scorers (rotate at regular internals)
  • Make sure via the Bar Manager that drinks are available during both innings and at the end of the first innings. There will be no eats provided by the Club at the between innings break but players can eat any food they have brought with them, and tea/coffee/juice/water will be available.
  • Please advise your team and the opposition that no match footwear is to be worn in the bar/lounge area.
  • Bring covers back onto the square and cover the appropriate wicket.

Setting up Boundary flags, Rope : (2 players)

  • Marking out the boundary with flags followed by the boundary rope where appropriate. Boundary rope and flags are usually stored in shed.
  • Open Scoreboard

Sight Screen, bin bag, scorebook, iPad and Chairs: (2 players)

  • Move sightscreen as required
  • Arrange a big bag and tie it near the shed
  • Arrange Scorebook and setup iPad (along with a charger)
  • Setting out the players and spectators chairs

Post-Match Stumps, Chairs, scoring hut and outdoor clean-up: (2 players)

  • Return match stumps and bails to the Scoring Hut.
  • Collect in the chairs and store in Scoring Hut.
  • Close up Scoreboard and Scoring Hut.
  • Clear rubbish from outside
  • Take iPad back to Clubhouse and put this on charge

Post-Match Rope and Flags: (2 players)

  • Wind in boundary rope on trolley and store in allocated location.
  • Collect flags and fielding circle discs and return them to the Scoring Hut.

Post-Match Changing room clean up: (1 player)

  • Clear rubbish from changing rooms and hoover carpet in both and corridor.